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Aion - Army of Two - Bubble Fish - Cafe World - Command & Conquer - DDO: Dungeons & Dragons Online - Earth Eternal - Empire Craft - Evony - FarmVille - Happy Aquarium - League of Legends - Mafia Wars - Napoleonic War - PetVille - Runes of Magic - YoVille


New Toolbars

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Aion Toolbar

The bar of eternity

Aion Toolbar

Bubble Fish

Bubble Fish Game Bar

Everything Bubble Fish in one bar


Evony Toolbar

Everything Evony in one bar

The Evony Toolbar

Happy Aquarium

Aquarium Toolbar

Everything Happy Aquarium in one bar

Happy Aquarium Toolbar

League of Legends

League of Legends Toolbar

Everything LoL in one bar

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars Game Bar

Mafia game bar for Mafia Wars players

Mafia Wars Game Bar

Cafe World

Cafe Toolbar

Cafe toolbar for Cafe World players

Cafe Toolbar

Cafe Game Bar

Cafe game bar for Cafe World players

Cafe Game Bar for Cafe World players

DDO: Dungeons & Dragons Online

DDO Toolbar

Everything DDO in one bar


FarmView Toolbar

FarmView toolbar for FarmVille players

FarmView Toolbar

Napoleonic War

NapWar Toolbar

Everything Napoleonic War in one bar