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We are a diverse company of game professionals.

Meet the team!

Jeremiah Dyess

Jeremiah aka ‘Gamer Guru’ is the COO at THEGAMENET, responsible for growing communities into self-sustaining ecosystems of gamers. He is a writer and content manager and as a 13 year gaming veteran, he has authored several gaming strategy guides, most notably the Evony UnOfficial Strategy Guide. In his spare time, Jeremiah enjoys raising his children and spending time travelling with his beautiful wife.

Stephen DeGabriele

Stephen is a 10-year PHP developer focusing on community tools and games databases.

Zinovi Tauber

Zinovi has a Ph.D. in Computer Vision and lives in Toronto, Canada. He has built numerous graphics, multimedia and streaming video applications and most recently EvonyMap using the Google Maps API.

Matthew "Steb" Grosskopf

Steb is an expert writer and an experienced gamer. For over the past 10 years, he has played and written for over 50 MMOs and is one of the chief editors for THEGAMENET.

Matthew Reichardt

Matthew or "matthewjames" is a programmer located in Springfield, IL USA. He is at the head of THEGAMENET's Wordpress projects, including deployment, social integration and also programs Wordpress Plugins. He is also a avid Wiki content editor, with his biggest works in Aion, GuildWars 2 and Stratics. Matthew is also enlisted in the U.S. Air Force focusing on intelligence.

Helen Lin

Helen is a Drupal and PHP developer focusing on integrating social network technology with existing MMO game networks.

Aries Wong

Aries is a senior project manager in Vancouver, Canada, with 15 years experience in the  cell phone industry. He has managed large R&D development teams at Nokia and is now managing the growing army of content writers, designers and developers at THEGAMENET.

Richard Tortorella

Richard is a systems administrator with over 15 years experience with the Government of Canada's IT department. At THEGAMENET, he is pursuing his passion for communities and development, and is building the forum infrastructure to support our entire game roster.