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TGN Team

We are a diverse company of game professionals.

Meet the team!

George Vanous

CEO and Founder of THEGAMENET, George is a 15-year serial entrepreneur and web producer living in Vancouver, Canada. He built the Hotmail.com header for Microsoft and the Intel 40th Anniversary intranet. George is now fully invested in building the next great MMO gamer's network: TGN.

Tobias Brandel

VP of THEGAMENET, Tobias is a pro-gamer and entrepreneur focusing on the expanding TGN in the German and European markets. As a gamer, he talks the talk and walks the walk. As a businessman, he puts Mr. Smith to shame.

Xiao Yu Wang

Xiao Yu is a Chinese, Japanese and English language expert living in Vancouver, Canada. She is focused on content localization in Asia.

Maryann Ohki

Maryann is a graphic designer and game artist in San Francisco, USA, with 20 years of experience in print and Internet media. She has managed design teams for projects such as Facebook games and Asia online magazines.

Curtis Pyke

Curtis is a senior content writer and Internet community builder in Vancouver, Canada. He has managed one of the largest guilds on World of Warcraft and manages THEGAMENET communities.

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